Got broken in blackjack this weekend…

blackjackI’m not a regular blackjack player but I go through sick runs every once in a while and have lost my fair share of money on the twentyone tables in my days. Last weekend was one of those… I started off playing two hands betting $25 a hand and found myself stuck about $500 in about 30 minutes. Bought in for $1k more, started betting $50/hand, rode it up to $2.2k, was playing $100/hand for a while, went down to $1k again, and decided to “go for it”.

Played a $500 hand, won it, played another one, won it again – and then just played $100/hand for a while until I went broke.

Felt like such a degenerate after leaving, down almost $2k (I also lost about $200 on the roulette wheel on my way out, bleh).

Monoblackjackopolypoker: The One Board Game I’d Play

monoblackjackopolypoker gameI wouldn’t mind playing this game: it’s a board game that incorporates Monopoly with some of my favorite real games: Blackjack and Texas Hold’em poker.

I don’t want to go too crazy with the details as I’d just be copy/pasting their official site seeing as I’ve never actually played it… It does feel like a pretty great game… Look at all the chips and the playing cards on the Monopoly board!

Oh well, might as well just copy/paste from the official site anyway…

The game runs exactly the same as a normal Monopoly game, except for when you hit “Chance” (Jackpot Station in Monopoly Las Vegas) or “Community Chest” (Real Estate Tycoon in Monopoly Las Vegas). When you land on “Chance”, the player who threw the dice will deal one hand of No Limit Hold’em or No Limit/Pot Limit Omaha (and thus take the dealer button). When you land on “Community Chest” the player who threw the dice will deal one hand of blackjack to all the other players who can bet anything from a pre-set minimum to a pre-set maximum.

Awesome! ^^

The Triple Check-Raise: The Ultimate Punishment

If you’re ever playing a real aggressive sucker and are looking to score one of poker’s ultimate moves? Go for the infamous Triple Check-Raise. It’s a superbly hard play because usually when a player gets check-raised on the flop, he will check behind on the turn. Once you check-raise that street, you need a very special type of fish to allow himself to get check-raised yet another time on fifth street. However, when it works, it’s so pure and beautiful the whole table will have infinite respect for you.

I tried desperately to find you guys a cool video of a guy getting triple check-raised but that didn’t really pan out: there’s not a single video on YouTube showing one…

And all of this on Valentine’s Day… :)